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Jun 20th '13

DS is 10 months old.

Well he's had diarhhea for a couple days and not as many wet diapers but still having enough. He's been eating fine but he has been running a low grade fever all day and it keeps going up. We've been having to give him Tylenol every 4 hours to keep it down (he can't have motrin). Well now its at 102.2 and we just gave him more Tylenol.

When I called the after ours number the nurse wasn't really tik concerned (that's when it was only 100.1) she said that's normal for a rectal but that 102 is an actual fever. Idk if I should call or wait till morning and call his Dr. The Tylenol isn't working as good as it was his temp doesn't go down as much.

He only had 1 kidney which is why I always get overly concerned, the nurse I had talked to was aware of this as well

ETA: his temp went from 101.1 to 102.2 in a matter of 15 minutes.

P.S sorry for any typos I am getting used to a new phone.