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Jun 20th '13

Emmalee started spiking a fever 2 days ago. Well she got to the point where her urine output was almost none and she was refusing to eat or drink anything. So after 3 bags of fluids and her fever bouncing around in the er they decided to admit her. I felt so helpless when they were poking and prodding on her ( she has no good veins like me and had to be cathed ) Im hoping they will let us go home today but she still refusing to drink and her fever was still jumping around last night. Everyone please pray for us.

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Jun 20th '13

SO SO sorry your little one is feeling so yuk yuk :( I know your pain Momma!
We just got out of the hospital with our youngest daughter (2 yrs old) this past monday. We ended up going to the ER on father's day because she was running a high fever, lethargic, and VERY rapid, erratic breathing. She was pulling really hard to breath....they ended up admitting her for walking pneumonia :(
Her O2 sats were very low(85-90%) and her heart rate was super fast (167-175 range)....after 24 hours of breathing treatments and antibiotics, her HR slowed down and her sats came back up...we were able to go home!
They stuck her for an IV three different times, and blew her veins every time :'( They eventually gave up on trying to thread an IV in her.

I really hope your LO starts feeling better soon *HUGS*