Toddler teeth-late teethers ~*~HeatherC~*~ 2 kids; Ontario 1998 posts
Jun 19th '13

Anyone else have a late teething toddler?? DD is almost 16 monhts old and still only has 6 teeth! she has her two bottom middles and 4 top, both middles and the eye teeth. I work at daycare with toddlers and most of them all have a mouthful! The other children in DD's infant room have 12 or more teeth. Im not sure that this is something to be concerned about?? Just wondering where all her teeth are!

Kansas Sunshine TTC since Oct 2012; 35 kids; Kansas City, Missouri 466 posts
Jun 19th '13

My son is 14 months and has no teeth. The Dr. said it's fine and that we won't worry until later. He has been teething though so I hope they pop up soon!