Feeling good!!!! Brity Brit 2 kids; Bedford, Pennsylvania 4891 posts
Jun 19th '13

I've been on my diet since the 1st I started at 190 and I'm at 185 right now even tho it's only 5lbs I feel so good. I've lost a total of 29lbs but most of that was last years weightloss I started out march of 2012 at 215 but because of stress I let me diet go but I've just been so happy lately it's awesome. And better news I finally got all the money saved and bought my sit and stand stroller so now we can start up our daily walks again it should be here by the 1st. We took such long walks my 4 year old would get so tired but she loves going so now she has a place to sit if she needs to.

akmaldo 1 child; Georgia 2778 posts
Jun 19th '13

Congrats! It's a wonderful feeling!