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Jun 18th '13

My son had issues falling asleep,he will lay there for hours not being comfortable and most nights don't fall asleep until after midnight. It doesnt matter if i start bedtime at 8pm,if hes not tired and cant get comfortable he wont sleep AT ALL.We're currently waiting for a weighted blanket (he has SPD)
Last night was rough and didn't sleep well,he slept until noon and I had to wake him up. It's 7pm and he just fell asleep. He won't wake up,he is out. But I'm 99% sure he's going to wake up at 10pm and not be tired anymore.
You cannot wake this boy when he's asleep,you can hold him upside down and he will wake up and go right back to sleep. Kid is worse than a teenager when it comes to sleep.

So what would you do?
And also would meletonin be something to consider with helping him get to sleep at a decent hour?
He's 2 1/2