advice on EPO use Bethyboo wants a VBAC! Due July 6 (boy); 18 kids; Mississippi 1194 posts
Jun 18th '13

I turned 37 weeks Sunday. My doctor isn't comfortable letting me go past 40 weeks or vaginally delivering if he is over 8lbs. (I'm a VBAC) At my appointment the friday before last he was 5lbs 6oz. (Which I know could be off) I don't wanna be induced but I don't wanna "put" myself in labor too soon.

I can't really walk or have sex much because my hips and legs hurt so bad. I have been inserting 1 evening primrose oil capsule at night but I read you could do more and you can take so much by mouth. How much did you ladies use?

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Jun 18th '13

EPO won't induce labor. That's not what's it's used for. It's also a natural blood thinner, so if there is a likelihood that you could end up with RCS, it's not advised to use it.

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Jun 18th '13

I inserted four a night from 30 weeks on. It did nothing for my cervix though.