ℐαzmчn 2 kids; Somerset, Kentucky 12712 posts
Jun 18th '13
Quoting she nan igans:" But legally they don't HAVE to be. Before 18 you aren't considered an adult so in some level the system is set up for you to be dependent. "

Again I understand this. OP asked what we consider a teen not what the law does.

Mommyof3<3<3<3 Due May 10 (boy); 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Red Deer, Alberta 720 posts
Jun 18th '13

A teen mom is when you have your kids in your teens.... ThirTEEN-NineTEEN. I know 18-19 your considered an adult but really technically your still in your teen years.

Ronnie RadKat 4 kids; Arizona 23229 posts
Jun 18th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Sly Saffy:</b>" 13 to 19. It has TEEN in the number, you're a teen. I was technically a teen mom merely based on my age."</blockquote>


I had my first child a couple months after I turned 17, I was finished with high school and an emancipated adult, neither of those things made me any less of a teen mom. Fact remained I was sevenTeen.

Cαtwomαn 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Gotham, DC, United States 15131 posts
Jun 18th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Destinite:</b>" 13-19 anything with teen in the name."</blockquote>

This. Pretty self explanatory.

Jalen's mommy 1 child; San Antonio, Texas 6745 posts
Jun 18th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Destinite:</b>" 13-19 anything with teen in the name."</blockquote>

:!: a lot of people get offended and say "well I was married and financially stable so I don't consider myself a teen mom" but the fact of the matter is being a teen mom isn't about the negative stereotypes surrounding it, it means you became a mom while still a teenager (thirTEEN to nineTEEN) at least IMO.

Totheendandback Due November 17; Japan 206 posts
Jun 18th '13

If your age has TEEN in it ... you're a teenager lol

loser mom 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Oslo, Norway, ,,, Europe 12277 posts
Jun 18th '13

I think it's pretty cut and dry. If you're a teenager, and a mother, you're a teen mom.

laurenmik 3 kids; Aurora, Colorado 7225 posts
Jun 18th '13

My oldest son looooooooves pointing out that I was nineTEEN when I had him.. He thinks it's funny for some reason.

I've never really considered myself one though. We were married and living on our own and completely taking care of everything... Like real adults lol

0_o 3 kids; 1 angel baby; ,, ,, United States 17044 posts
status Jun 18th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Sly Saffy:</b>" 13 to 19. It has TEEN in the number, you're a teen. I was technically a teen mom merely based on my age."</blockquote>


Mann Makin' Mama[BBM] 18 kids; Dalton, Georgia 11563 posts
Jun 18th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Jas ♥:</b>" Between ages 13 and 19. Being 18 doesn't exclude you. They are still a teenager, just an adult under the law."</blockquote>

I agree with this. I was 17 when I got pregnant, 17 when I graduated, and 17 when j have birth. Although I don't and won't classify myself as a "teen mom" I technically am age wise. I got pregnant at 18 (2 days before my 19th birthday) with my youngest and even then I was still technically a "teen mom." I will never call myself that, simply because I am a mother, I take care of my children without anyone's help, work, go to school, ect. I will never refer to myself as a "teen mom" I'm a mother & that's it.

A teen mom IMO is anyone between ages 13-19, adult or not, your age still says "teen" at the end.

MommyCarter♥1315 Due August 26 (girl); 1 child; 2 angel babies; Dalton, Georgia 834 posts
Jun 18th '13

Obviously anyone between ages 13-19 would be a "teen mom" but I don't really like to call anyone a teen mom. You're a mother no matter what your age. I think young mother would be an acceptable term to describe mothers that have children in the teen years/early 20's but it's not necessary. A mother is a mother no matter what age she gave birth and that's all that really matters.

user banned 2 kids; Georgia 24891 posts
Jun 18th '13
Quoting ℐαzmчn:" And there are a good amount of 18-19 year olds who still depend on their parents as well."

Some 19 year olds are still in high school.

Minion 3 kids; ., GA, United States 21802 posts
Jun 18th '13

Any age with the word "teen" in it makes you a teen mom.

Severus Snape 2 kids; Tennessee 3550 posts
Jun 18th '13

A teen mom to me is someone who gets pregnant at or under age 18. Despite the fact that 19 has the word teen in the number to me doesn't make them a teenager IMO. At 19 I has purchased my own home where I was living with my fiance. I had adult responsibilities and lived an adult life style. I did not consider myself a teenager and neither did anyone else. I didn't get pregnant until I was 20, so I was never a teen mom by any definition.

But on that note I also think that being a teenager is a state of mind. I would still call a 19 year old a teenager if they were completely financially dependent and had little to no sense of responsibility etc.

But all mothers should just be mothers. The "teen mom" label has a negative connotation most of the time, and should be avoided if at all possible.

. , Richmond, VA, United States 75118 posts
Jun 18th '13
Quoting Sugar Plum♡:" a discussion came up on teen mom's at my aunts house. what do you consider a teen mom? i had my daughter ... [snip!] ... considered a teen mom?? and idk why i put yuck, darn it, it must be those misleading subject titles bhaha :D happy tuesday! "

Teen doesn't mean underage, teen means a teenager. Someone who is 13-19. So yes, someone at 18 or 19 would still be a Mom as a teenager. I wouldn't use the term "teen mom" though, it just sounds dumb imo. I wouldn't say I'm a 20's/30's mom either though.