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Jun 16th '13

How do I make my doctor understand and listen that my child does have allergies (seasonal). I have said this sense he was born and the doctor just keeps telling me he is to young. Well lets see every year at the same time when pollen is at it's highest my child gets sick. It's also the same time my mother and I have our allergies act up.

He will have every classic allergy symptom you could imagine and they will just say it's a cold. I will bug them and bug them and bring him in at least 3 times and they will say he is fine (3 times in two weeks between the er and dr.s office) then by the third week he has full blown pneumonia and last time needed to be hospitalized for a week because of it.

I know they say I am his mother and I pick up on his ques quicker but I just wish they would check him for allergies instead of letting it get out of hand and letting it turn into pneumonia. This is almost the end of week one two more weeks and he will be diagnosed with pneumonia sometimes I hate doctors.

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Jun 16th '13

Change doctors!

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Jun 16th '13

find a new doctor....

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Jun 16th '13

You can give them children's claratin on your own. We dose Rory 2x a day with benedryl and have since before he was even one. I knew it was allergies because he had a super snotty nose, nothing else, then he'd have a cough, but no other symptoms. Nothing since benedryl.