What a memory at 19 weeks . klov318 Due November 8; 1 child; New York 18 posts
Jun 15th '13

I just came from the doctors because i had a fever of 100.5 and my throat was killing me so they put me on an antibiotic to take for 10 days every 8 hours .The next day i'm feeling a little better but then i start coughing and sneezing back to back and i freaking pee all over myself each cough and sneeze .The funny part about it it's the first time i pee peed this much on my self while pregnant .Before it was a sneeze i would spot a drip of pee but now that i'm sick and coughing more here comes the freaking pee. And my mother in law happened to be in the bathroom which was the only bathroom in the house that i liked to use the other bathroom she has a cat litter box and i can't take the smell.i felt embarrassed .