She's turning 3!! K.J♥ Due November 4; 2 kids; Russellville, Kentucky 430 posts
Jun 14th '13

DD will be three next month, we pretty much have her party planned, and bday outfit ordered. Now we just have to decide what to get her. Shes big for her age, already 3 1/2 ft tall and 34 lbs. So my mom got her her first bike. SO's getting her a ball pit, and I have no idea what I want to get her. I don't want to get her something that she will use 2-3 times then never play with again or something that she will lose the pieces to.

What did you get your DS/DD for their 3rd bday?

-BLT- Due May 20; 1 child; St Louis, Missouri 2572 posts
Jun 14th '13

Big girl bed and bedding.