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When is a child weaned? user banned
Jun 13th '13

My LO is going to be 21 months in a few weeks. THE HORROR! And nurses usually 1-2 times a week. Today he has nursed 5x. I'm wondering is he considered weaned? Partially weaned? I let him take the lead and don't encourage or discourage nursing. He lets me know when he wants b**bs. About two months ago he went almost a entire month not nursing at all and then came back to it. Is this normal? My other boys were weaned before a year so I don't have this experience with a toddler.

♥Manda♥ Sunnydale, CA, United States 29485 posts
Jun 13th '13

To me he would be weaned when he stops nursing completely.

Fertile Mertile + D & C 2 kids; Sumter, SC, United States 37083 posts
Jun 13th '13

I would say once they are not nursing at all.

lolajessup 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Beaverton, Michigan 44076 posts
Jun 13th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Manda♥Bella:</b>" To me he would be weaned when he stops nursing completely."</blockquote>


Towards the end dd nursed like once a month for a few months. Then I made the mistake of refusing her cause I was done with it being so LO g between she was getting bigger and it would hurt me for her to go so long and start again and she wasn't latching good anymore anyway cause it was for comfort. So she started s*****g her thumb. Fml. Still does it 3 yrs later :(