2 month old barely sleeps. Help. cosmic jam 1 child; Japan 1 posts
Jun 13th '13

Hi, I need help/advice with 2 month old DS.
He is gaining weight fine and averages about 5 - 8 wet/full nappies a day.

Lately his sleeping habits have changed drastically. When he first came home he would sleep anywhere between 3 to 4 hours (both day and night) between his feeds (he is breastfed) now I am lucky if he sleeps for an hour and a half before waking up again, smacking his lips and putting his hands to his mouth while licking/s*****g them. I do feed him ib demand but am very concerned about this big change (its been happening just over a week now). I cannot seem to put him down without him waking up after 10 minutes and then being extremely restless and awake for anywhere between 2 to 4ish hours.

I know he needs to be sleeping more than this but nothing, none of my old tricks seem to be working :(
I change and swaddle him followed by some gentle rocking, bum pats and soft singing, but it very rarely does the trick.
He won't take a paci as he spits it out and gets upset. He only seems to want to sleep in my arms and now his bassinet which I physically cannot do and don't want him depending on me being his bed. I don't have anyone else to help calm him as DH sleeps through his night time awakeness and is at work 9 to 5 for 5 days a week.

It has now been over a full 24 hours of this, with me playing bed and my breasts being used as a paci and occasionally food source.
I am struggling, I broke down crying for almost 2 hours before. I am so tired and the strain/stress added with concern for LO is making me upset.

Does anyone have any tips/tricks?
What did any of you do if this happened to you?

JenTheHen 2 kids; Hillsboro, Oregon 458 posts
Jun 14th '13

To tell you the truth, both my kids started that around 5-6 weeks old and I realized they slept a lot better on their tummies. My first was a terrible sleeper from birth, he basically slept on me 24/7, waking several times throughout the night until he was 6 weeks old and I bought the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper and let him sleep on his stomach. Then he slept for a few hours at a time. My second was a pretty sleepy baby the first few weeks. Then she started hating the swaddle and her flailing arms would wake her up. I feel that every parent has to make choices based on their own experience, because every situation, every baby is different. Both my babies had strong necks before I started that. My daughter even rolled over at 4 weeks. I decided that it was safer for them on their tummies on a flat, firm surface, with nothing around their faces than to be in bed with me. We have a pillow top mattress and I can't sleep without blankets up to my neck, and I was so exhausted during the day I was not able to enjoy being a mother. I also made sure we had no other risk factors for SIDS, and we kept a fan running to help circulate the air.

Another suggestion, some babies like more rough patting and hard rocking/bouncing, instead of gentle. Also, babywearing helps. My daughter could sleep for hours in the ergo or moby, as long as I'm walking. A white noise machine or loud fan can help. Make sure you are eating well and staying hydrated. Stress can also impact your milk supply. My son was a very frequent nurser, he probably nursed 20 times a day at that age, and only had cat naps until 5-6 months. My daughter (8 weeks) nurses at differing intervals. She usually only wakes once a night to eat. In the morning she will nurse one side, take a break, nurse the other, then she goes 1.5 - 3 hours between feeds until the evening when she cluster feeds. She probably nurses at least 6 times between 6 and 10pm. Every baby is different! It is very normal for babies to change their eating/sleeping patterns an it will happen often in the first year. It's okay to wait until they cry to eat, at this age they are discovering their hands and they suck on them and lick them even if they're not hungry. I can hear her doing this throughout the night, often she goes back to sleep on her own. I can't put her down for real naps, she will often wake up shortly after. Once I came to terms with the way my baby is, it was easier. Don't worry about forming bad habits now, do what you need to do to make life easier. For your sanity, get out of the house often, have your husband help out at night (you deserve sleep, too!), and don't watch the clock. Check out, you will find info on frequent nursing. Read every page of that website, it i my breastfeeding bible. And hugs! I'm going through all the same things, with a terrible two-year old on top of it. I have days where I cry a lot. Often, my baby will have times where she sleeps like crap, nurses me dry, cries a lot, and I just chalk it up to a growth spurt. You are tired and 2 month olds are very demanding creatures, still very dependent on you for everything. It's natural to feel overwhelmed if you aren't getting much help, or a break. I don't believe as humans we were made to raise our babies alone. It's a fairly new, American, concept for women to be doing this alone. Other cultures still have the grandparents live with them and help raise the children. Don't feel bad if you are having a hard time, it is really hard, especially breastfeeding because your body isn't even yours anymore. It really does take a lot out of you emotionally and physically.
Things will get better, even if you just keep doing what you're doing.