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Jun 13th '13

Yesterday I had to take my mom to the ER, I didn't wanna take DS around the germs and him be bored and it was his bed time anyways so our neighbor who is also a close friend came over and watched him.

He's almost 10 months old and that was the first time since he's been out of NICU (he was only in NICU a week) that I've left him with anyone but my mom. I freaked. I swear within an hour and a half I had called 3 times to see how he was.

DH had to work so that's why he didn't watch him.

/sorry for the pointless post

And my moms okay now, she has to go see her regular dr because her liver enzymes are elevated, she has an infection (forgot what its called) and mild bronchitis along with a compression fracture in her back.

She'll be 63 this year.