tipping your tattoo artist? SailorJerry 3 kids; California 18522 posts
Jun 12th '13

What exactly do you tip? A percent of the total tattoo? I know it mind be unheard of to some pople but I've heard it's a standard custom....I'm looking to get a piece soon that I was quoted $250. What would an appropriate tip be for that?

⚓Misty⚓ 4 kids; Keenesburg, Colorado 7276 posts
Jun 13th '13

I never know what to tip. I've been tipping $10 for every hour of work

user banned TTC since Apr 2014; 2 kids; Middelfart, Denmark 15320 posts
Jun 13th '13

10-20 percent.

Daniee 2 kids; 1 angel baby; South Hill, WA, United States 4855 posts
Jun 13th '13

Yeah I had no idea you were suppose to tip lol

roflcopterrr Arkansas 478 posts
Jun 13th '13

Mine solely depends on who's doing it. The girl who usually does mine, I tip her 25-30% of the total price, but she has always been fairly reasonable with pricing so I don't mind nearly as much.
One of my mom's last tattoos was around $250 and I believe she tipped $40-$50.

SailorJerry 3 kids; California 18522 posts
Jun 13th '13

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Cindy[+2]♥ TTC since Jul 2014; 1 child; Kentucky 11307 posts
Jun 13th '13

My tattoo took about 5 minutes and it was 40$ so i didn't tip... But, if it was going to take multiple hours i would tip a good amount..Sitting that long in one position has to kill their backs and wrist.

kthx. TTC since Mar 2016; 1 child; Harrison, OH, United States 69890 posts
Jun 13th '13

For $250... around $40. I'm doing 3-4 hour sessions (45 hours total), but the sessions are about $400 a pop, and I'm tipping around $30. The tip doesn't sound like much, but it'll add up.

Nikita Rowsell 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Edmonton, Alberta 1239 posts
Jun 13th '13

I tip 20% for tattoos and piercings.

tee.air.rah Due January 10; 1 child; California 1185 posts
Jun 13th '13

I do 10% plus if I think they deserve more for their work. One time, the guy did an amazing job and the piece was really large but he only charged me $150, so I gave him a $50 tip. I had one session that was $250, I only tipped her $25

Man. Bear. Pig. 2 kids; Arizona 25443 posts
Jun 13th '13

I tipped mine 40 bucks for Zoe's tattoo which was only 100, but he gave us a good deal. I always tip REALLY well though. If they know you'll tip well, they'll usually charge you better prices. After shop fees, the tips are where they get decent money.

zerozero Massachusetts 1244 posts
Jun 13th '13

I always tip 20%