made a horrible mistake mom2andrew&carter 18 kids; Leesburg, Florida 2159 posts
Jun 12th '13

My 9 month old is usually on the good start gentle.well i get wic but i ran out a while ago and dont get it again until the 20th. I decided since i didnt have much money to try to parents choice gentle formula and see how he did with that. well that was a horrible mistake and he doesnt seem to like it at all and im having the hardest time trying to get him to sleep tonight. I have no way to the store tonight either so its gonna be a long night for me. I definitly learned my lesson though and will be going first thing in the morning to get his regular formula.

Amber ♡ 3 kids; Nunya, KS, United States 20536 posts
Jun 12th '13

Aww that sucks :/ when I was in that position, I always got parents choice too! Seemed to work just fine for my daughter.