LittlebuttsMamax3! 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Asheville, North Carolina 17318 posts
Jun 12th '13

I started contractions in the middle of the night. I slept as much as possible. The next morning they started at 20 mins apart. I went to BRU to get a baby book, the mall to walk around and we ended up getting subway for dinner. At 5pm they were 5 minutes apart. After eating and resting I got up to go pee (about 9pm) and I thought I had peed myself. Turns out my water broke and itwas green so we went into the hospital.

Contractions 3mins apart and I was only dilated to 5. I was stuck at 6-7cm for awhile and even took a nap but I think I was just dehydrated because as soon as I finished a bag of fluids (given to me because I was thinking about maybe having an epidural) I was shivering and then my body started pushing on its own. She waa born at 7:16am

I felt like I waited as long as I could before going in and I was still stuck in the hospital for so long before she was born.

Vitameatavegamin 19 kids; League City, Texas 5829 posts
Jun 12th '13

September 20th 2012 I went to bed around 11 like any other night, felt perfectly fine besides the usual discomfort of being 38 weeks pregnant. During the night I kept waking up and having cramping, but I was too sleepy to think they could mean anything. Around 4:30am I got up to pee, and when I wiped, there was lots of mucous and blood. So that FREAKED me out for a moment, but then I took a breath and reminded myself that labor could still be days away. But I still was cramping, so I decided to stay up and time them(after realizing they were probably contractions) and read a book for about an hour while timing them to see how consistent they were, and sure enough the whole hour they remained 3-5 minutes apart. So I start packing my bags and told DH he had to take me to the hospital. We decided since it was so early in the morning and since my other labors I labored for 10 and 12 hours, that he would drive me there and drop me off, since the kids were still half asleep and we figured birth was hours away. So he dropped me off in front of the hospital, at the time we only had one cell phone so I told him to keep it and that I would call him from the hospital room phone and keep him updated. Well, long story short, I was dilating too quickly for an epidural(that I desperately WANTED) and DH didn't make it back up to the hospital in time for the birth... so I ended up giving birth to Zoey at 7:16am September 21st, 2012, all natural without my husband or any family. When DH made it to the room(about 5 minutes after her birth) he comes in, hears crying, and is like :shock: "She's here?!" Lol. It kind of sucked at the time(really badly) but looking back it will be a funny story to tell her when she's older :)

☮Hippie Jesus☮ 2 kids; West Virginia 10560 posts
Jun 12th '13

I've been to L&D twice with regular contractions every 3-4 minutes, but sent home both times because they weren't doing anything to my cervix. And both times, those contractions were way more intense than any that I felt before going to L&D with my first son. So I've just sort of decided that I'll sit around the house until I'm either in so much pain that I can't stand it... OR my water leaks/breaks. lol

So I've sort of ignored most of my contractions since last time I went to L&D. Since yesterday, I've felt like I've had period-like cramping off and on... But with no tightening of the belly, so I don't know what that's all about.

I told my doctor I'm never coming back unless I'm leaking. It's an hour drive one way. lol

Katie+4 4 kids; Alberta 63 posts
Jun 12th '13

DD1-I had to be induced because she refused to come out on her own..

DD2-I began to feel slight contractions at about 3 in the water started leaking at about 7 that night, but it took a long time to go into active labor. I think I went into truly active labor at about 2 in the morning, and had her at about 7 in the morning.

DD3-She was by far the easiest. The doctor had to break my water, but she only took about 2 and a half hours of full blown active labor to come out.

DD4-I'm feeling really, really slight contractions right now, so maybe she's planning on making her debut!! I hope so. I'm done being pregnant at this point...

Clk 2 kids; Dexter, Michigan 12438 posts
Jun 12th '13

Well with our daughters labor started the same way even though pregnancies were opposite of each other. I was also a week overdue with both. With our oldest I didn't dilate until labor I know this as I had a check up earlier that day. With our youngest never did check ups for dilation.

Started with terrible back pain that would not go away around midnight.I didn't really feel contractions in my stomach it was all in my back. I showered with our oldest to relieve the pain. Was talking through it so Doctor said I probably wasn't very far into labor. Husband started panicking when I started shaking uncontrollably went to hospital then. I was still talking and nurses were shocked I was at 9cm dilated. Doctor broke my water. Five pushes and she was out at 10:36 am.

With youngest I had a home water birth again started in my back around midnight right after a talk with my midwives. It was all in my back and I was shaking again. I jumped into the water birth tube and had her not even an hour later at 8:02 am. My water broke on it's own after I was fully dilated and pushing.

Personally the hardest part for me is healing. Pushing felt like a relief, back pain hurt and shaking was annoying. With each baby I had a second degree tear, with our youngest I did not need stitches. It took me about five months to enjoy sex again, and mentally I had PPD with both. Youngest I controlled it much better with placenta pills aka "Happy Pills" with our oldest I didn't bond with her until she was six months old.

Ꭶwan♥Nemo Due September 24 (boy); 1 child; Kansas City, Missouri 7526 posts
Jun 12th '13

It was midnight I woke up. Stayed up for about a hour and then realized I was in labor
Went back to sleep.
woke up. Called my mother over.
Laid on the floor while she watched tv
had subway for lunch
tried to sleep for the night
fell asleep in the shower for 3 hours lol (water bill sucked that month)
went to hospital
baby born 30 minutes later

total labor: 34 hours at home
30 minutes at hospital

tatesmommy09 2 kids; Illinois 4003 posts
Jun 12th '13

I was dilated to 3 cm at 35+5. I found out at my regular checkup. I had not felt any contractions though, not even BH.

At 11:45 pm at 36+1 my contractions started. At first I thought I beeded to have a BM. I tried without success.

Then I felt the feeling again and realized what they were. They were coming 2 minutes apart!

I wasnt in pain at all but hubby talked me into.going in because of tge tine and because we were currently in a snowstorm so we packed up.and drove to the hospital. We called relatives on our way bur told them not to come yet. I still didnt think it was real labor.

By the time I got to the hospital, checked in, put on the gown, and got in bed it was about 1 am!I still had not felt any pain.

I shocked everyone by being almost 8 cm. I had no time for pain meds or epi. I handled contractions fairly well and jyst hyperventilated through them.

Finally my midwife got there and I pushed once to break my water and three more times to deliver.

Tate Millan K. was born at 1:31 am at 36+2 after only 1 hr 46 minutes of labor! He was my first child too!

(my daughter was induction that lasted 36 minutes)