If you do or did Paleo . help! Carla +2 {EBF} 2 kids; Carencro, Louisiana 1378 posts
Jun 12th '13

My husband wants me to look up about this diet but I have not idea what I need to buy..

just books?

Noah and Baby J's mommy Due January 6 (girl); 2 kids; Oregon 3465 posts
Jun 12th '13

Pinterest has a ton of info on. TON.

I dont buy anything anymore, Im sure Pinterest will eventually tell me how to do it lol

★Mommarazzi★ 1 child; Arkansas 9737 posts
Jun 12th '13

Just google it. You can find all the info you need for free. There's tons of blogs about it.

mama2manyyy 33 kids; South Carolina 1823 posts
Jun 12th '13

I have been doing paleo for a month, its amazing! I didn't buy any books, I did skim through practical paleo at the book store, its a good book if your interested in buying one. There are some good websites that will give you all the information you need. Mark Sisson and Rob Wolf are big names in the world of paleo/primal so looking up their websites will be helpful.