Grooming Gir! 2 kids; Ohio 7550 posts
Jun 11th '13

Just curious, what does everyone do to maintain themselves? A friend and I got into this discussion earlier. I hardly do anything at all. Rarely wear makeup. I just tweeze brows, shave the pits and gorilla legs and call it a day! I use maybelline's "fit me" concealer, foundation and powder. Sometimes if I'm feeling wild, eyeliner. Hair is usually in a pony tail or braid. Very simple. I only trim my hair once or twice a year and rarely style it. I want to get a new hair cut and style whenever I hit my next weightloss milestone. I have 20 pounds to lose before that and it keeps me more motivated.

Ꭶwan♥Nemo Due September 24 (boy); 1 child; Kansas City, Missouri 7526 posts
Jun 11th '13

Arch my brows
I don't grow arm, leg hair to shave
Makeup is never now
Brush my teeth
Thats bout it.

Vivialopod 2 kids; Vantaa, Finland 42788 posts
Jun 11th '13

low maitnence but it looks like I put a lot of effort in.

Shower, brush and floss, tweezed brows, sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, sometimes concealer if I'm at the pimply part of my cycle, cream blush, two shades of eyeshadow, mascara, lip crayon or stain. Takes about 8 minutes to put all my makeup on. lipstick and eyeliner if I'm feeling a little fancier. Hair usually in a french braid bun. Takes about 5 minutes but looks put together.

I rarely shave though lol

nutmeg. California 22281 posts
Jun 11th '13

I shower every day and am pretty obsessive with oral hygiene... I shave every other day.
Umm I wear moisturizer, compact powder, bronzer/ blush, and lip moisturizer every day. My skin tone is blotchy so the powder evens it out just enough.
I cannot DIY anything that has to do with beauty (although I wish I could!) so I get my hair and my brows done about every 6 weeks....
I usually do my own nails every other week, but occasionally will get a professional mani/ pedi.