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Jun 12th '13
Quoting tinana+2:" Like I said in my previous response, there is nothing set in stone about what is completely normal with ... [snip!] ... normal with weight and what isn't. It could even just be a difference in scales for all we know. At least a few pounds of it."

I am not debating what is considered ''normal''. Lots of things have become ''normal'' to our society that shouldn't(lots of dangerous things). I was just giving OP another ''angle'' as to why her dr may have had concerns about her weight, so that she wont keep fuming & dwelling on the issue.
Aside from the other rapid weight gain health issues I mentioned b4 , pp thyroid syndromes are serious often unknown post pregnancy complications.
I believe that education on issues is empowering. I prefer to find reasons for why things are the way they are, not make excuses for them.

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Jun 12th '13

I know the feeling..I'm 20 weeks pregnant and was 121 pounds at my appointment last week- My OB said to me, "I mean, you're not overweight YET; but if you keep gaining at this rate you WILL be." :oops: Really doc? I'm pregnant and now feeling like crap about my weight.

You just had a baby though, 6 weeks ago- it takes 9 months to put it on. Don't worry about it take your time!

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Jun 13th '13

im not worried about it. i just thought i would share some outragousness..

before my first i was 106lbs, and weighed 210 the day i was induced with him...

this time i didnt gain weight until after baby.

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Jun 14th '13

I was told the same thing not that long ago. I'm currently 146 and about 5'5' I don't care what they say though I feel great and that's all that matters. I wouldn't worry to much if you feel good!