**Blessed_Insanity** 7 kids; Wyoming 19410 posts
Jun 12th '13
Quoting she nan igans:" Same with my husband, lol. His Dad had to go to court with him and everything, since he was a minor, haha."

its stupid they should have gotten warnings for first offenses, I mean he wasnt even going that fast over, only like 6 miles over the limit

Rob's Living Dead Girl Royersford, Pennsylvania 4316 posts
Jun 13th '13
Quoting SuperSecret123:" ever been arrested or have a criminal record? what for? was it before you had kids or after?"

No, but to give you some kind of answer I'm pretty sure my preadolescent cousin and perhaps her accomplice, being my 8-year-old sister, could've. :roll:
They broke into our house looking for money to get a soda from a damn vending machine. The comments it got from people when I told them, particularly regarding their "shitty" parents. But it is hard to not get feedback on that. :/