Diabetes Rant. J♥R Due June 27 (boy); Pennsylvania 26 posts
Jun 10th '13

So, I had my test done really late into my pregnancy due to insurance issues. I had the hour test and my glucose was 199 which is way high. I had to schedule the 3 hour test which I took. I didnt find out the levels until my last doc appointment. I still dont know my levels , all I know is they werent good but not bad either. He got a phone call and had to leave the appointment and no one else knew the exact numbers. All they did was give my a number for the dietician because they said it can probably be controlled by diet. I called and they never called me back. That was 2 days ago, so i called again and still no call back. The main nurse I talked to when she called about my first test results said it wont harm the baby except the fact that he may be bigger in size then normal, but when I had my checkups they all tell me Im the right size fro where I am at in my pregnancy. I still have no idea what I am to be doing and I only have 2 1/2 weeks left to go before my due date. My hands and feet swell alot, my hands cramp constantly, and I started getting dizzy and lightheaded but I dont know if thats a result of the pregnancy in general or the diabetes.