Baby sex dreams. Harlow'sMommy:[ARMY]. Due January 27; 1 child; Fort Lee, Virginia 1162 posts
Jun 10th '13

With my DD i had three girl dreams and two boy. But i was convinced she was a boy from the minute i found out i was pregnant. Now i'm seven weeks with #2 and have already had one girl dream and one boy in the past week. Anybody put any faith into dreams? Were your dreams right?

ERMAGHERD BEEDS! 3 kids; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 4103 posts
Jun 10th '13

Lol your topic name is really badly worded.

I had a dream DD was a girl and one that she was a boy, and one that she was kittens. So I don't really think I can sense it too well, but I want to believe that some people can

♥garrett&adalyn 2 kids; Texas 10762 posts
Jun 10th '13

Lol I agree about the topic name.

I had about 3 dreams I was having a boy and 1 dream I was having a girl.. and I'm having a girl lol.

Good Queen Bess Due December 27; 2 kids; Ontario 49564 posts
Jun 10th '13

I would really change your title.

I think dreaming of the sex of your baby is just an old wives tale...but, there is a 50% chance it is correct.

Amber ♡ 3 kids; Nunya, KS, United States 20536 posts
Jun 10th '13

I didn't have any gut feeling of what I was having. I really wanted a boy.

I had a dream that I was going to have a girl, so did her dad and my grandmother. Pretty much everyone told me I was going to have a girl, a few select people said boy but not many. I had a girl...

orchidlovingmama 2 kids; Santa Rosa, California 1783 posts
Jun 10th '13

Lol same thought about the topic. Lol, glad to see others thought the same thing. I always dreamed of girls and only a girl 1 outta 3 times

RadioactiveCat 2 kids; Roanoke, VA, United States 22958 posts
Jun 10th '13

I only dreamed I was having animals at first. Lol.

But after we had the anatomy scan, I had horrible nightmares that it was wrong and we had to repaint everything blue and return dresses.

IrishMommyof3 3 kids; Virginia 111 posts
Jun 10th '13

I actually had all boy dreams and I had a boy! how ever I also had the dream 2 dreams about being pregnant before I even consciously knew I was preggo lol!

NothingToSeeHere. 1 child; Wonderland, US, United States 5717 posts
Jun 10th '13

Before we found out the sex, I always had dreams that I was having a boy, then the night before the ultrasound I had a dream it was a girl and that last dream was right. :lol:

Seneca Thurman 2 kids; Nashville, Tennessee 609 posts
Jun 10th '13

Last pregnancy, I dreamed of having a girl n had a boy. This time I've dreamt it was a boy, but Idk what its gonna end up being lol Guess we shall see:D