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Jun 10th '13

I learned about periods in fourth grade and if I had stayed in public school I would have gotten sex ed in 6th grade.

I don't think 5th grade is too young, especially when kids now are having sex so young.

Edit: No one ever talked to me about it at home. I didn't even tell my mum when I started my period until I ran out of pads.

I also don't agree with abstinence only sex ed.

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Jun 10th '13
Quoting Jas ♥:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Madi's*Mama:</b>" Because it seems very young to me. When I ... [snip!] ... probably starting to do it because reality is, most parents don't. I never got the sex talk, not even when my period started."

Yeah I was never given a sex talk either, I was just told that once a month girls bleed.

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Jun 10th '13

My daughter learned in 5th grade (this year) about sex ed. Well I know they learned about periods and puberty. Well friday she got her first period. Ive talked to her about it a couple of times after I went into the bathroom when she was taking a bath a few months ago and noticed that she had pubic hair. (I knew there was a reason she didnt want me to come in and see if she got all the shampoo out) So I started talking about periods and told her if she starts to bleed she needed to tell me so I could show her what she needed to do. She said I know Mom Ive already learned this in school. (I had to sign a paper for them to teach it to her). So she comes to me friday and said: "Mom I think I started bleeding" So I told her to go to the bathroom and showed her how to put the pad on and told her how often she needed to change it. I was actually glad I signed that paper so she could learn about it. I think it made it less embarresing for her. My niece started when she was 9!! My daughter is 11. So I think 4th/5th grade is a good time to learn atleast about puberty.

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<blockquote><b>Quoting Kylees Mama:</b>" I'm sure he was told more then what he told you, but was embarrassed to say. I was about that age when ... [snip!] ... weird. I. Glad I learned about it at that age, cause by the to,e I was 11 I had my period, and I understood what had happened."</blockquote>

I was 9! I wish I knew what was going on before that happened! Lol. Although I don't think it's the schools responsibility.:. Parents need to step it up. Some of my friends were having sex and/or fooling around by would be nice to know they had the safe sex talk in 5th grade....

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Jun 10th '13

We had "family life" in fifth grade but that was just about puberty and stuff, nothing about sex. We had full on sex ed in 8th grade. I went to private school, they did not teach abstinence, they talked about just about every birth control on the market- from condoms to IUDs. They did talk about being in a healthy relationship, waiting to have sex until you were both ready and prepared but not abstinence. They taught it again in 9th grade. I think it gave all the info needed and at age appropriate times. I didnt have sex til I was 21 but there were some girls who started having sex in 8th grade

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Jun 10th '13

I don't think 10 is too young.

When I was in school, we watched the video about our periods in 5th grade, but sex ed wasn't taught until high school. A handful of girls in my class were already pregnant or had babies by then.

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Jun 11th '13
Quoting Madi's*Mama:" Ok, back-story: My younger brothers are 15 and 10. Last night we went over there for dinner and somehow ... [snip!] ... person. What do you think? Is 10 a good age to do things and do you think the school is teaching them in a proper way?? "

I always thought 4th and 5th grade was standard (Although my school stopped the program the year I would have had it for some reason). I don't think it's too young at all. They need to be taught and have the information before they hit puberty imo. Good touch/bad touch should be taught way before 10 years old.

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Jun 11th '13

I think 10 is a few years too late to talk about sex and how babies are made.

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Jun 11th '13