Headache that's throbbing! Miranda 2&1/2 Due December 7 (girl); 2 kids; Washington 113 posts
Jun 10th '13

Hi so I'm 14 weeks pregnant & since last night I've had a killer headache!
It's in the back of my head & I can literally hear pounding in my ears..
What can I do? I've never had headaches.. Should I call in or go in? Is there something besides Tylenol or cold compresses that will help? Neither have so far.. Thanks

orchidlovingmama 2 kids; Santa Rosa, California 1783 posts
Jun 10th '13

Eek sounds like a migraine I would call the doctor to ask what's safe

Miranda 2&1/2 Due December 7 (girl); 2 kids; Washington 113 posts
Jun 10th '13

I was induced at 35 weeks because of pre e with my first pregnancy so I'm hoping its not blood pressure problems this early :(

ThreeLittleBirds 4 kids; Pueblo West, CO, United States 1057 posts
Jun 10th '13

I would say either migraine, dehydration, or high blood pressure. Go get checked out to be sure.

aftondear Japan 5 posts
Jun 10th '13

go in but also keep drinking water and practice breathing

mom to 2 beautiful preemi 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Missouri 451 posts
Jun 10th '13

Besides checking ur. Blood pressure what r the main major signs of pre eclampsia? I have this pressure mainly in my ear/s and jaws and some in my heqad near my eyes that started up after I cleaned my house. I was in yesterday n my urine was clean n pressure was 139 but went down on its own bout 15 mins later... Does it sound like I could have it/ sorry just curious