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Jun 8th '13

When DD is 6 I might walk her to the street the school is on and then watch her walk to the school alone (for experience). It's quite a ways up the street but it's a straight line... It depends how "mature" she is... I'd feel more comfortable if she was walking with a friend at least.

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Jun 8th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Tiffany Knickerbocker:</b>" Right well this kids lives 2 blocks away, but my son trips over something laying in the middle of the ... [snip!] ... that would be every parent's worst nightmare and it kind of brings to light how easily this could happen to one of my own kids."</blockquote>

If I could see her physically make it to the house I wouldn't mind. Or walk them to a place that is possible. Then we'd have a hand signal where she goes up there and comes back to let me know they're parents are there and know she's there. Then I'd call when I got home.

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Jun 8th '13

I walk him there quite often, but he just wants to walk himself

I know when I was not allowed to walk anywhere by myself until I was 14, and even then I had an old man try to "give me a ride" within a half a mile from my own home and years later I found out it was the grandpa of a close friend of mind since grade school. I really don't think I would have ever know except he showed up at my friend's house one day when I was there and when I told my friend about it she said it did not surprise her.