living alone with newborn and going to school? Georgia2cali Due August 26; Pomona, California 18 posts
Jun 8th '13

As a first time mom, is it sensible to expect to be able to live alone and take one class this fall at my community college? The place im living now is toxic and I dont want to be here anymore. People keep telling me I cant do it, and I need to live with someone so I can have help. Any other mammas out there that have done this??

orchidlovingmama 2 kids; Santa Rosa, California 1783 posts
Jun 8th '13

You can do it but I definitely would agree that its easier if you live with someone. Just in case you need to run to the store real quick or take a shower or clean up the house its REALLY NICE to have someone there to help. Also, its nice just to have emotional support because raising a newborn can test your patience at times. But with that being said if you're in a place that is really unhealthy it might be a better choice to try it on your own. And yes you can take a class but I personally would keep it to just one because newborns sleep schedules are hard to cope with even with a partner to help out.

Dillypop 1 child; San Antonio, Texas 35 posts
Jun 8th '13

I'm not living alone but I am a sAHM who goes to school and its much easier if you take online classes that way you can two things at your own speed

SaraDenise Due September 22; 2 kids; Hogwarts, OK, United States 1175 posts
Jun 8th '13

I'm assuming you have someone to watch your newborn while you are at class? If so, then yes, I think you can do it. My SO, who is the best dad NOW, had a drug problem when we had our first son. I literally had NO help from him with our son for the first 6 months bc I couldn't trust him with our child. I was still a full time student bc I had someone else to watch my son while I went to class. I'm still in college and trust me, a newborn is much easier than a 2 year old. =) Just get a baby carrier of some sort and wear your baby as much as possible. They are pretty calm and sleep a lot as newborns, especially when you wear them. That should at least give you time to do homework and study. When you need to shower, put baby in his/her carseat and take him/her in the bathroom with you. I would rock my son a few times and turn on the shower and the sound of the shower made him fall asleep every time. I used a baby swing occasionally when I needed to be hands-free.

There are a million little tricks to help you and you will soon learn them and you'll be ok!


Lois. 1 child; Pennsylvania 2653 posts
Jun 8th '13

I did it. I'm graduating on the 9th and my daughter is almost 4 months old. I live with my SO but he works out of state during the week so I'm a single mom 3/4 of the time. It's hard as hell but it's possible.