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Jun 7th '13

im not sure how much more of my husband i can take ive completely given up on our relationship i just cant take it nothing i do is good enough for him i stay at home 24/7 with out 8 month old baby who does nothing but cry all day and wakes up 3 or 4 times at night i do all i can to clean and its never clean enough. he works 40 plus hours a week and on his days off he always goes skate boarding and hes 28 years old and a couple of months ago when he didn't have a job he would spend every last penny on getting drunk and the house we live in is getting foreclosed. we have no idea when we have to leave and like i said we have no money put aside because he spends it all, i finally told him that he needs to decide if he wants his drinks or his family and he said he was going to stop drinking well he made it 3 weeks before he had another drink but he keeps telling me he only had one beer and because he only had 1 hes not an alcoholic i gave him hell and he swore no more drinks but hes been drinking again for the past 3 days but in his mind its ok because he doesn't spend more than 5$ and doesn't get drunk and he needs to relax so he can do whatever he wants but yet i ask nothing of him i give him all the freedom in the world hes never home. does anybody else think his thinking is very fucked up i keep telling him hes made his choice and he choice his drinks so i have started to put my own money aside so when me and my kids have to we have a place to go and he can find somewhere else

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Jun 7th '13

At what point are you going to hit rock bottom?

At what point are YOU going to realize your self worth?

You can't fix a problem that's not yours.

Can you go to rehab to fix someone else's addiction?

How many times are you going to try?