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Jun 7th '13

SO I suppose this should have went in the SN thread, but im too lazy to change it. DS is autistic. When we got his diagnosis we were in the process of moving so I never got the chance to get any resources on certain things. DS then started preschool with an IEP as soon as we got moved. Now it is summer vacation and I really want to try and potty train him before the next school year starts. He will be four on the 18th, but shows no interest in the potty. (I take that back he will sit on it if I ask him to, really doesn't go) I have tried letting him go bottomless, just in underwear, asking him every 15 minutes, but he seems to hold it until he gets a diaper. He did tinkle a few drops yesterday, but he had to force it because I sat him down, so I now he knows what the potty is for, he also is speech delayed, and I am now at a loss.... do any other momma have insight? books? anything. I have an appointment with a developmental pedi but that isn't until August....

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Jun 7th '13

First off..


We did a reward chart(started off with 5 stickers, moved to 10, 15, and so on).. and a timer. At first.. I did every 15 minutes. Then, we moved to 20, 25, 30, and so on. Eventually he caught on. When we first started.. we did training pants that way we could get them up and down easier than a diaper. Then, once he started doing better,(up to 10/15 stickers) we went to underwear. Fair warning.. accident are going to happen, and they are going to be a HUGE deal. Reassure him, tell him that its ok. Make a huge deal, talk to him about it.. give him confidence. Once he is used to being dry, he will want to stay dry. It is a transition however, and it takes sometime and some patience.

I dunno if your kid is into sesame street? but we did the Elmo Potty Time video.

When we did the rewards.. we took him to the dollar store. He got to go with his parent of choice(which was usually daddy), and pick whatever he wanted as a prize.