Annoying ☮Hippie Jesus☮ 2 kids; West Virginia 10560 posts
Jun 7th '13

Contractions every few minutes. They're not really painful unless I try to stand up or walk while it's happening. Just sitting is pretty uncomfortable, but not painful. And sometimes I won't even notice having any for a bit of time and then I walk from one room to another and the getting up and moving around either helps me feel it better or causes it to happen? I don't know... But I definitely feel them while up and about.

I'm tired of all of the false labor I've been having. This is probably that as well. I feel like the only way I'll ever really believe I'm in labor is if my water breaks or if I'm in pain.

Yes, yes, I've been drinking water. Downing a bottle right now, actually.

SillyBek Due June 23 (boy); 17 kids; Utah 307 posts
Jun 7th '13

I've been going through the same :-/ the last time I timed the contractions for over 3 hours (my doc said to go in if they were five min apart for an hour) they were 4 1/2 min apart the whole time but they didn't hurt they were just really uncomfortable and left me breathless so I didn't go in. It was 3am so i went to sleep thinking if it was real labor it'd wake me up, they'd stopped when i woke up at 9am :-( Had a doc appt the next day and wasn't dilated anymore than the week before which I was at 1cm.
Sadly it's just part of the end of pregnancy, I get my hopes up every time I get a few in a row

jenjenbaby3 Due June 20 (girl); 2 kids; Gibsonburg, Ohio 50 posts
Jun 8th '13

:cry: i'm in the same boat ladies!!!!!!! any time i time them, they are 4-5 minutes apart but not increasing in intensity and eventually just subside. i never had this before and it's driving me crazy!! debating on calling the dr to be tested for a UTI...but wouldn't they have checked my urine at my last appt for that?? i've been having these false labor/BH contractions for a few ugh! cmon baby! either get out or stay in- pick one!! lol