He bit the shit outta me! pinkfishtacozs Missouri 4533 posts
Jun 6th '13

Today really sealed the deal. When I got home from work I laid down to bf him and that kid bit the f**k out of me!! I'm dripping blood from my n****e!! Lyra used to bite down and pull back on my n****e when she was like 18 months old and we stopped bf'ing a few weeks after that. It hurt so much. Jude's top two and bottom two teeth are all in and he hadn't ever hurt me until tonight. I thought it might be a fluke so I laid down and gave him the other b**b and he did it again! f**k this noise.

I have been thinking I'm going to start weaning LO anyway. That kid LOVES solids and it's become impossible for me to pump at work. We're basically just bf'ing at night right now anyway. He still wakes up like 4-5 times just to eat.. Ugh. I hate it but whatever.