Jammie Hunt 49 kids; Belmont, North Carolina 8 posts
Jun 10th '13

I lost 3... The first one in June 2010 at 13 weeks. The second, which was actually an ectopic pregnancy that they didn't see until my fallopian tube ruptured at 12 weeks, was December 2010. With that one I lost my left fallopian tube and had to have emergency surgery. The last one was in July of 2011 at 14 weeks. With this one my doctor did a D&C, he said it might "reset" my body after everything we had been through. I got pregnant the 4th time in November of 2011 and had a perfectly healthy, beautiful baby girl August of 2012. I still think about the babies that I lost but my daughter is amazing. She makes everything else we went through worthwhile. We are starting to think about trying again even though we know we may have to go through additional miscarriages. If that doesn't say it's worth it I don't know what does.