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Jun 6th '13

Holy hell...I missed so much.

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Jun 6th '13


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status Jun 6th '13

I just threw up a little. It looks like a 60 year old granny with horrid taste designed the room. Those bunnies look cheap and just..creepy. And...whats that hanging from the crib? cat toys?
Your poor daughter.

sugarpie_hunnibunch Due December 7; Japan 83 posts
Jun 6th '13

Omg this girl needs to take herself,the ugliest nursery, and her unicycle out of here. OP how can you say such mean thing about this girls babies. You are pregnant with a child and here you are talking bad about innocent children. God punishes people for their nastyness. I'm going to pray for your little girl.

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Quoting Dr. Paradigm Shift:" It looks like Foofa vomited in that bright pink puckered a*****e of a room. "

Have I told told you lately that I love you? :lol:

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Jun 7th '13

I like it. I love the pink and im not a pink type girl but im sure your baby girl will love it. Congrats

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Jun 7th '13

How a nursery winds up in tdc is beyond me. Looks awesome! Good job.

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Jun 8th '13
Quoting Gone ;):" Maybe I would if she meant it that way, but she didnt.I dont have d***o up my ass....I prefer c**k :wink:"

You prefer c**k in your ass?
You're mentally ill, in my opinion. Perhaps that poor baby would be better off being given up for adoption to a home where it can be cared for by sane parents hopefully. Either that or, seek treatment. Before your child is born. What are you going to do when your baby cries for hours and pisses you off? I wonder.

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Jun 8th '13
Quoting BαtMαɳ:" Have I told told you lately that I love you? :lol:"

I keep imagining your avi saying that to me.


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Jun 8th '13

Such sweet people.