Weird Dreams Barbara Outten Due November 15 (boy); Waterville, Maine 480 posts
Jun 6th '13

Hello All,

Ill be seventeen weeks tomorrow 6/7/2013 and I've been having the really weird vivid dreams often associated with the second trimester. However I've been having the same dream, almost every night, for the past month.

My dream starts out with me sitting down in a folding chair outside of my mothers house, with the baby in a pack-n-play. However I cannot see what the baby looks like, it is always dressed in yellow, and never makes any noises. Its doll like, but it crawls around and stuff. My best friend, who is also pregnant, is in the dream as well, my mom is rubbing her belly, shes due any day in the dream. My baby's father is there also, he's cooking chicken on the grill, and our friend A.J. who we have asked to be the god-father is there as well. Mason, my baby daddy, hands me a plate of under cooked, mostly raw, chicken and steak, and potato salad. Then the dream ends and I wake up.

I've tried looking into it, and the raw meat is supposed to symbolize my obstacles along the way to achieving my goals. However, I feel that there is more meaning to the dream than I am picking up on. Anyone have any ideas? I feel as though the fact that I can't see the baby means that the gender the OB/GYN is going to say, may be wrong, or that I might lose the baby. Or maybe it's just gonna look like his/her daddy, and it doesn't want me to know that. :P I've had a fairly regular pregnancy so far, a few complications with my blood pressure dropping, which seems to be under control now, and I still have morning sickness this far into the second trimester. With all that being said I don't think this dream signifies that anything will be wrong with the baby, just my mommy instincts kicking in.

Anyone else having weird and vivid dreams too? I'd love to hear about them!

Lasya 2 kids; Atlantic Beach, Florida 351 posts
Jun 6th '13

I had SCARY AS HELL vivid dreams when I was pregnant with my son. I tried not to look into it too much, it's really just your hormones completely out of whack. :P My dream was 2 random old guys who would come up to me in public, I think maybe I was at a cafe type place, and one would hold me down while the other would repeatedly punch me in the stomach. I would wake up sweating and crying. It was awful. :oops:

Rachel Whalen 1 child; New York 406 posts
Jun 6th '13

I have alota weird dreams the one I had yesterday was my daughter was born with a few deformaties and had a long tail, I didn't get to c her till after a mnth she was born cuz of them. I asked y they cant remove the tail and they said she would bleed to death. most of my dreams are about her being born too early and sumthing being wrong I guess because im scared it will happen

Mommyof4<3<3<3 Due December 15; 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Red Deer, Alberta 731 posts
Jun 6th '13

When you prego you have the CRAZIEST dreams. With my 1st I dreampt we had to do an exorcism on my sister. She climbed up the wall looked back at us and did this crazy skreeching noise then her eyes went really wide and her head did a complete 360 and she started chanting this crazy talk and the priest told us it was the demon in her. Like it was MESSED UP!!!! I woke up crying, and shaking. I was honestly scared of my sister for a lil while after that!!

user banned 2 kids; Moses Lake, Washington 13508 posts
Jun 6th '13

I don't have weirdass dreams often, but I totally did last night. Shared it with my due date group this morning.

"Worst pregnancy dream ever. I don't want to go crazy with the details but somehow I was in the hospital delivering quintuplets. One baby died right away, so that was sad all by itself. (Then, apparently the nurse gave him some random name that was not what I told her, so all his reports said "Fedrico." ) Apparently after delivery I was awesome to get up and walk around, so I went out to the waiting room to visit friends and family, and when I got back to my room there had been a fire and all four babies were burnt! HOLY CRAP! Crazy enough, each one of them was still alive, though blistered and terrible looking, and they kind of rolled over and smiled at everyone. f**king weird and honestly creepy. The nurses took the babies to get their burns taken care of and I spent the rest of the dream running and climbing walls and shit through the now maze-like hospital looking for them. Awful. I woke up crying."

A is Me 1 child; South Carolina 3782 posts
Jun 6th '13

You're not seeing the baby cause your brain has no images to pull from your subconscious. You haven't seen your baby yet. Since you're already curious what baby will look like or its sex,maybe your curiosity is being reflected in your dream too by you not seeing the baby. I'm no dream expert but that's my opinion lol. I had dreams about having my baby with me but I never saw his face.

lunch lady 2 kids; Tennessee 2123 posts
Jun 6th '13

I just had sex dreams. Score.