Getting nervous AlexisSmith(+1) 17 kids; New Orleans, Louisiana 21 posts
Jun 6th '13

My baby Harper Shae is due in 10 days. I am starting to get nervous although I am all prepared. I have my bags packed and all that stuff done. What are some of the last things you ladies did before giving birth after you were all set to go?

Mrs.Mud 6 kids; 2 angel babies; North Dakota 3314 posts
Jun 6th '13

Took lots of naps.

Krystle ♥ 2 kids; New York 3923 posts
Jun 6th '13

Sleep and clean lol
Seriously get as much rest as possible! TTC since Aug 2013; 35 kids; Tennessee 910 posts
Jun 6th '13

I had a pedicure done and bought extra batteries and memory card for my camera. Then I just laid around and enjoyed my belly.

✖Mandalorian 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Georgia 5386 posts
Jun 6th '13

Sleep, clean, clean, eat a lot then sleep some more. Haha

Flag Due May 1; 1 child; Newmarket, Ontario 2004 posts
Jun 6th '13

Cleaned, cause I wanted to come home to a nice clean apartment and wouldn't have the energy for a while.

Went grocery shopping, so I wouldn't have to for a while. Did some basic food prep, e.g. cutting onion etc.

And did my nails, so they'd be cute and cause I wouldn't have the time for a while.

Totally normal to be nervous, but theres no need :) Everything will be sorted out!

SIDS survivor 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Washington 439 posts
Jun 6th '13

Laundry, dishes, didn't want to come home to a dirty house. This time I'm going to make some meals in advance and freeze them so I'm not stuck with just cereal and fast food cuz I won't have time for a lot of food prep for a couple of weeks.

Watched nocked joke. They got to the labor scene and I was like "crap, I have to actually do that soon!"...

Shave! You never know when you'll go into labor..and have sex, not to induce, but because you won't be able to do it for 6 weeks after you have the baby. I was super horny by then...

*Momma of 3 Princesses* 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Berryville, Arkansas 527 posts
Jun 7th '13

Rest as much as possible and spend time with your SO. I had all of the house cleaned and baby stuff ready to go and just laid around waiting for LO to arrive. Never realized how much it would cut into time with my hubby. It took a while to adjust and find time for us. Maybe go on a date or have a nice picnic. Do something nice to enjoy your time together. :D

AlexisSmith(+1) 17 kids; New Orleans, Louisiana 21 posts
Jun 7th '13

Sorry ladies. I have been on a mad cleaning frenzy. I am going to cook some meals to freeze because we hardly ever eat out, and we love home made. So I am going to do that.
I have been sleeping so much. I always feel like I need about two naps a day! :)
I am excited and nervous at the same time. So ready to meet our sweet Harper Shae.