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How often... Team❤Pink 3 kids; 4 angel babies; Maryland 4631 posts
Jun 6th '13

Do you bathe your LO?
Just curious.

homes cool Due July 25; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Indiana 63165 posts
Jun 6th '13

My kids are 2 and 4, and they tend to get showers every other night.

I♥RYLEIGH Due March 3; 1 child; 5 angel babies; Windsor, Ontario 10504 posts
Jun 6th '13

Every night, it's our bedtime routine. I started off every other night but then she'd get confused on when it was bedtime

BakingBean2 2 kids; Ohio 2247 posts
Jun 6th '13

I have an 18 mo old and a 12 week old. They get baths every other night.

[JadeLee] 1 child; Minnesota 12190 posts
Jun 6th '13

DD's skin gets too dry (so does mine) if she bathes too often. Even with lotion.

Madi's*Mama Due November 2; 1 child; Holland, Michigan 7391 posts
Jun 6th '13

Every other unless she gets really dirty playing outside or something.

I'm me 4 kids; Kentucky 3109 posts
Jun 6th '13
Quoting Madi's*Mama:" Every other unless she gets really dirty playing outside or something. "


TrixieGirl Due July 4; 1 child; Maryland 1175 posts
Jun 6th '13

my 18m/o is a dirtball and HAS to have a bath every night. He loves it though so its a great routine for the day.

Danu ♥ 3 Due December 17 (girl); 2 kids; Arlington, WA, United States 6622 posts
Jun 6th '13

Every other night unless we've been at my inlaws house (she gets super dirty there playing with the dogs/backyard) or we go swimming.

****mommies world**** 3 kids; Round Rock, Texas 169 posts
Jun 6th '13

I have a 2 & 4 year old take them one every other night, or depending what we do that day if they get dirty then that nite

.Jezebel. TTC since Dec 2015; 1 child; Sumter, South Carolina 10053 posts
Jun 6th '13

Every night! Even if he wasn't filthy I'd still do it every night as it gets him ready for bed. :)

mom2andrew&carter 18 kids; Leesburg, Florida 2159 posts
Jun 6th '13

my kids are 2 and 9 months and they get a bath everynight. my 2 year old wont go to bed unless he has a bath first

user banned 2 kids; Moses Lake, Washington 13508 posts
Jun 6th '13

Pretty much every other night. Whenever they need it, witch is about every other day, so.