he's here :)))) (lots of pictures!) mikentes 1 child; Cortland, Ohio 880 posts
Jun 6th '13

This is really really late, but i've been so busy i haven't had the chance to post. My baby boy is finally here!!! May 10th, 2013 (2 days early) perfect in every way!!! He was born 7 lbs even. 20 inches. Full head of hair! and gorgeous big brown eyes. Went to the hospital at 4pm and he was born at 11:46pm same day. His name is Michael Christopher and he is my angel :) <3

Needingabreak 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Somewhere, Bg, United States 12127 posts
Jun 6th '13

omg he's adorable!

Cat.Woman. 2 kids; Gotham City, PA, United States 8669 posts
Jun 6th '13

He is soooooo cute!

A is Me 1 child; South Carolina 3782 posts
Jun 6th '13

Cute! I can't believe how he's holding his head up in the first pic!

*((MoMmY Of 4))* 4 kids; San Bernardino, California 704 posts
Jun 6th '13

Congratulations! He is so adorable. :)

lovemylittleladies 2 kids; Michigan 1272 posts
Jun 6th '13

Awe he's adorable :)

mikentes 1 child; Cortland, Ohio 880 posts
Jun 6th '13

Thank you :) And i know (about the head holding up)! everyone there was surprised too. He's so strong and smart. He's 3 weeks now and holds his head up no problem, and can even hold his bottle by himself (only for a little bit). He's going to be crawling in no time :) i'm so excited! He's such a good baby. I'm lucky he's my first! haha

loves E.A.S.E.C Due June 5; 5 kids; 3 angel babies; United Kingdom 1558 posts
Jun 6th '13


Sherri + 3 LLC 3 kids; Mesa, Arizona 3758 posts
Jun 6th '13

Congrats! He is beautiful!

mommiel 2 kids; Japan 68 posts
Jun 6th '13

He is soo precious.. Congrats for havin an adorable angel :)

user banned 1 child; Pennsylvania 296 posts
Jun 8th '13