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Jun 5th '13

So I work at a childcare/preschool and my son has come with my to work since he was 6 weeks old. My mother has only baby sat him for a couple hours here and there. Maybe 5 times total since he was born. He's 13 months old now.

I'm having WICKED separation issues. I've never been away from him more than a couple hours, and even so, it was minimal. I am switching him to the daycare that my older kids go to closer to home because I am not satisfied with the quality of care that the other teachers I work with provide. I feel like he deserves a lot higher quality of care- which is truly sad to be saying about my workplace, but it's true.

I just am so worried about not being able to check in on him constantly. I know I can trust this provider, as both of my older kids have gone their since infancy. How hard is this transition going to be, though? My older kids were in childcare away from me since they were 6 weeks old. I never had a choice... so I HAD to make the transition and I suppose I just had to be okay with it. I know they have fun at daycare and the woman who provides care for them is wonderful. So why is this so hard!?