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Jun 5th '13

I need a some advice, here a bit of a back story it might has to do with it or it may not! My daughter is 27 month old and about a month ago maybe a bit longer she started to eat everything, now when i say everything i mean everything from papers to dirt to trying to eat rocks and just licking dirt of the floor. My thought since she is my 1st thats normal....but after awhile i got worried. when i took my son in for his 9 month check up i ask our ped what he thought why she being doing that! He said probably normal for her age but he wanted to start vitamins and see her for blood work for june 24th and if it didnt get better bring her in sooner! Well now i notice she hasnt eating in like a week. One meal a day max if i even can get her to eat. she drinks plenty, also she been having more accents and not making it the rest room and pees herself and wetting her night diaper again! Im at lost and i hate taking her to the doctor for dumb testing if it all is just normal 2 year old stuff! Pls some advice be helpful!

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Jun 5th '13

i would take her in! that dosent sound normal mama