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Jun 5th '13

I've had all 4of mine drug free (well pain med free) 2 were inductions. My first was by far yhe worst. I was induced and I think they had the pitocin too high. Ibwas begging for an epidural but I was fully dilated and didn't get it. And seems lije the other 3 were not as painful. I'm hoping this one is as quick and easy. Good luck! ! :)

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Jun 5th '13

I have had three natural water births . Water birth is awesome btw! I wouldn't say as a whole any were more painful then the other just different.

With my first I was super tired and kinda out of it . The hard labor lasted longer IMO but other then that and having to push longer it was ok.

My second was super intense . At one point I had back to back contractions . My labor was so intense because it was so fast. It was only four hours start to finish however the last hour and 15 minutes were super intense and painful.

My third labor was the longest in total ( 29 hours . 9 of those truly active ) however only about two of those were hard labor. Now I would say that my third was the most frustrating since my contractions never got consistent . I would have one last a minute then the next last 20 seconds and they would be one minute apart one time then less then 15 seconds apart the next . It was infuriating I even yelled how studied the contractions were while I was pushing since I couldnt actually get into a pattern and didn't get a chance to push as long as I wanted.