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Jun 4th '13

No at this time SO and I are not currently TTC. As a matter of fact right now its the last thing I want because Im trying to focus on going back to school and from what Ive heard high risk pregnancy and having to be on bedrest throughout a pregnancy doesnt make going to school to easy. Not to mention all the issues we are having with his son atm so to say the least a pregnancy would complicate things very much right now. That being said I have noticed some weird (or atleast for me they are weird) symptoms/things going on with my body right now. First of all Im bruising very easily for some reason right now. Like a few days ago I barely hit my knee on the trailer hitch of our boat(I was trying to step over it and kinda grazed my knee on the ball) not even a min later I had this huge bruise on my knee. Then yesterday I kinda fell down the stairs(I tripped down the first two steps but caught myself on the railing before I ate concrete) and now I have a huge bruise on my arm and my whole back/rib area feels bruised to the point that I cant even breath if I wear a bra. My sense of smell has gotten more intense like last night SOs mom was cooking dinner I walked out of my room (its on the other side of the house from the kitchen) and I smelled pepper so strong when I mentioned it to her she said she was using pepper but just a tiny bit. Ive also noticed a change in discharge like before I really didnt have hardly any but now I have a lot of discharge and its kinda the consistency of c*m (I know kinda tmi sorry). Then there is the fact that Ive been nauseous a lot lately. Im constantly thirsty Ive even started drinking Dr P again which isnt normal for me when I was pregnant with my daughter thats all I could drink because everything else turned my stomach after I had her I switched to Coke but now Coke makes me nauseous so Im back to drinking Dr P.Even my sleep pattern is off I get tired extremely early but I cant sleep and now no matter what time I go to bed I sleep til around 12 or 1 in the afternoon. I know yall arent doctors but does it sound like I might be pregnant to yall?