Evening Primrose Oil? SillyBek Due June 23 (boy); 17 kids; Utah 307 posts
Jun 4th '13

Anyone heard this about EPO? I was going to start taking it but now I'm not sure I want to. Not only does it say its useless but can cause seizures? Has anyone used it and noticed a difference?

Daydreamingaway 2 kids; La, CA, United States 289 posts
Jun 4th '13

I insterted 3 capsules daily for almost 3 weeks straight when I hit 36 weeks. Not a dang thing happened, my cervix is still thick I started dilating (just to 1) a few days after I stopped using it.

In my case doesn't work and I'm not gonna be trying it again ever.

SillyBek Due June 23 (boy); 17 kids; Utah 307 posts
Jun 4th '13

A waste of $8 but I don't think ill be using it lol

Karly Jayde 2 kids; Australia 22 posts
Jun 5th '13

I took it from 37 weeks inserted 2 and took one morning and night, didn't do anything from me, but I heard inserting it can help with tearing, well that part worked for me, didn't get a single tear.

marria**87 Due August 5 (boy); 35 kids; North Carolina 26 posts
Jun 5th '13

Hi, I started using those at like 34 weeks....2 1500mg caps a night, i would poke a small hole in it, had a sweep done at 38 wks, had sex and let the semen "pool" on my cervix at like 38w5d and went into labor after 2hrs of doing that, when i got to the hospital i was already 4cm!! i only had like 7hrs of labor then boom out came a healthy 10lb 9oz baby girl :)