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Jun 4th '13

i live near tyler texas and my maternal grandmother and her sister live in dallas. My grandmother abused me for years and just 18 months ago she actually stabbed me in the face with a fork and the end of that was she pretty much paid me off to drop the case blah blah blah shit and my son was there so there was a CPS case and shes not supposed to be around my son... well they've been bugging me about letting my son go spend not a week, not two weeks, but a month up there with my grandma.... um HELL NO? its only a three hour drive they can come see us, we went up there not that long ago so its their turn anyway... well my grandmas sister was messaging me on Facebook because she saw me post on Facebook saying how pretty much none of my family will be coming to my baby shower and she keeps avoiding talking about her being able to come just see us and then goes back to trying to convince me to let my son go be with her sister! i'm tired of the excuses!! im not going to beg, cry, or put forth such an effort to try to be connected with my family when they refuse to be involved with me!! i pretty much just told her that the only person she has to answer to is herself and she knows why she does what she does... period... im done... sorry for the rant

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Jun 4th '13

That sucks OP. :( My mom was abusive so I completely understand the need to protect your child from your abuser. I can also relate to family trying to force you to do something you all know is not safe for your child. Just stand your ground for your babies. I know you do not know me, but feel free to message me if you just need to vent to someone who gets it. Hugs. Hang in there.

P.S. Don't feel too bad about the shower, I never got one because of strict bed rest. My family said it was rude of me to not travel 4hrs for one so I didn't deserve one. Eh, my daughter's safety was WAY more important.

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Jun 4th '13

Yea I would never ever ever ever let my son go stay with a woman like that. Period. LOL And for her to ask to keep your son for a month??? Who the heck asks to have someone's child come stay with them for a month, especially when they stabbed you with a fork and abused you. Uh No.

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Jun 4th '13

I would have dropped all contact with her after something like that. She is way out of line wanting to keep your son for a whole month. I wouldn't even let my parents do that, and I completely trust them. I would miss him too much simply.
I'm sorry you've had such shit from them. It really isn't fair when your the people that you should feel comfortable with mistreat you.