Ohio Teacher Wins Suit Over AI? user banned
Jun 3rd '13


Personally I think it's bullshit that she was fired...but that's why I wouldn't go work for a Catholic school (or any place that held such great disdain for my lifestyle). I also don't think she should have won...she signed a contract saying she would abide by the Catholic church's teachings. Also, at what point are church and state separated anymore?

Amelia [a Mom] 1 child; 4 angel babies; Tallahassee, Florida 18492 posts
Jun 3rd '13

She shouldn't have signed that contract IMO.

. , Richmond, VA, United States 75118 posts
Jun 3rd '13

She should have worked for a non religious school. I don't think she should have won, she signed a contract and ignorance doesn't excuse breaking the contract imo, just like anything else.

nendhsiwjru 6 kids; Denver, Co, United States 37137 posts
Jun 3rd '13

As much as I don't agree with that way of thinking, I don't think she should have won that suit either. They're a private institution and have the right to follow their ways, if she knew she couldn't abide by that contract, she shouldn't have taken that job.

C'sMom! 1 child; Minnesota 1263 posts
Jun 3rd '13

I don't think she should have won. I had a friend that was a teacher at a Catholic school and she needed to be on birth control for her cycles and it was not covered at all by the plan that the particular school offered based on that schools beliefs. Even if she was needing them due to a medical condition and not for birth control. The have their contacts when they are an employee and I think if you want to work there you need to abide by the contract. If you don't like the contract, don't take the job.

human making in progress 2 kids; Port Orchard, Washington 7986 posts
Jun 3rd '13

Im happy Im not the only one who thinks its BS that she won. I am religious (though not catholic) so I thought I might have more of a biased view. I still think it sucks that she lost her job, but she should have read the contract. if you dont want to uphold the catholic view of morals, then dont sign a contract saying that you will and get hired. Private schools get absolutely no federal or local government funding, which means they can determine employment based on certain aspects of life. People send their children to these schools because these schools are in line with their religious views.
separation of church and state works both ways. she shouldnt have won that case.

user banned 17 kids; Boston, MA, United States 9473 posts
Jun 4th '13

well idk, i get that she signed a contract but it sounds like the contract was very loosely written....following the bible teachings? well that can be interpreted a few ways....
it very well could have been because she was gay in that case....or in any other case they could make that argument. unless i read it wrong....
but it doesnt sound like there was a bullet point above where she signed saying artificial insemination is fire-worthy.

and i would have worked at a catholic school, its easier to get in, you dont need a masters usually and there are so many out there. 1 child; Michigan 2404 posts
Jun 4th '13

My husband is a teacher at a catholic school, we don't believe in most of their beliefs. However, it's a rough economy to be a teacher in...