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Jun 2nd '13

April 11th start period. April 22nd was the 12th day of my cycle and I had no discharge until then and it was the first sign of clear stringy fertile discharge so we did the deed. Then April 30th my breast hurt on the sides. From May 1st to 4th my breast felt full ( like breastfeeding ), I had sharp pains on the left side of my vaginal wall), I had constipation, i went dry after fertile discharge then had a slight yellow discharge before pregnancy syptoms. May 4-5th I was EXTREMELY tired! Then May 6th I had a faint BFP! May 8th got pregnancy confirmed . May 12th I had a miscarriage.

Hubby and I decided not to prevent after miscarriage. I've had fertile like discharge all over this cycle , bad left ovary pain on the 13th to 15th day of my cycle and a sharp pains where uterus is on 18th of cycle. Other then that nothing! Nothing like I knew I was last time :(

Anyone else have success after miscarriage?