Instead Cups & BBT Charting Help plzzz 54321 atl, GA, United States 800 posts
Jun 2nd '13

So for next cycle I want to try bbt charting. But i have no clue wat thermometer I buy for that? Sorry if that sounds stupid but I have no clue.

♥Rach♥ 2 kids; Arizona 12877 posts
Jun 2nd '13

You would need to buy a basal body thermometer. They sell them at Walmart/Walgreens and they're usually around $10. They read a temp with two decimals instead of one, which is important for TTC. Check out It's a program that helps you track your fertility. You enter your daily temps, cervical mucus, OPK readings, and cervical position (if you choose), and it will help analyze them and determine when you're ovulating. It also has lessons and information about charting.

As for instead cups, you do not wear them during sex. You can have sex with them in (if you're wearing them for AF), but it would be counterproductive for TTC. Put an instead cup in immediately after sex and leave it in for several hours. It will keep the sperm closer to your cervix and stop it from leaking out. The box has directions about how to insert and remove it. I got pregnant the first month I used instead cups, although that might have just been a coincidence.

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Jun 2nd '13

You would buy a basal thermometer.
And you would insert Instead cup post sex, not before.

54321 atl, GA, United States 800 posts
Jun 2nd '13

Ok. Thnx ladies. Hopefully this works for us. Ttc is becoming a little frustrating