When to set up the Nursery? Monica Dickerson Due September 11; Adelanto, California 29 posts
Jun 2nd '13

Hi ladies, i am 25 weeks with my first baby so i am clueless to when i should set up the nursery! We finally settled on colors and bought the paint on memorial day cause it was nice and cheap =) At the moment we really have nothing for baby. So, I was thinking of setting it up right after the shower so that i will have things to put in it and will know what i will need to complete it from the items that I didnt get at my shower. I will be having my shower when i am 32 weeks. Any advice? Thanks!

[♥]Mrs. Taylor 18 kids; Texas 12250 posts
Jun 2nd '13

I started as soon as we found out the sex. That way u was able to do it slowly and have time to change my mind lol. It was finished by about 34 weeks.

user banned 1 child; New Orleans, Louisiana 18159 posts
Jun 2nd '13

I waited until 30 weeks. Mainly because I didn't want to buy the big stuff until closer to my due date lol. I started painting beforehand though (just little flowers around the bottom since it was a rental townhouse).

Good Queen Bess Due December 27; 2 kids; Ontario 49564 posts
Jun 2nd '13

I'm cleaning out the room we are using now, and I'm painting it soon.

I know I'm only 10 weeks, but the room has to be cleared out and painted regardless of what happens with this pregnancy.

Briane Due December 25 (boy); 1 child; Hamilton, Ontario 11 posts
Jun 2nd '13

with my first pregnancy i wasn't allowed to put anything in the baby's room until she was born my parents are very traditional and believed it was bad luck but with this pregnancy i've already set up my nursery for this baby even though i'm 10 weeks i just want to help my daughter prepare for this baby for she's been the only child in the family for 5 years now. you can do your nursery at anytime really just depends on you if your traditional or not.

Monica Dickerson Due September 11; Adelanto, California 29 posts
Jun 7th '13

Hmm ok so it seems what ive been reading so for 30 ish is average. But it also seems like everyone is different =) Ya i would have loved to start at 10 weeks! But we have a larger house and lots of stuff, that was our office so there was a ton of stuff in there lol. We finally switched all the rooms and the baby's room is completely empty and ready to paint at 26 weeks! Im so sticking excited.
And to speaktruth2powr, keep having positive thoughts and stay healthy! Not sure what the circumstances are in your life but keep your head up =)

Kass. Due August 31 (twins); 1 child; 3 angel babies; Ottawa, Ontario 11341 posts
Jun 7th '13

For DD, I think I started around 28w, and the room was pretty well done by 33 weeks. DD was born at 36w though so it was good. This time, I won't be starting the room until around 33/34 weeks. We already have all the furniture - it just has to be put in the right room. I will buy bedding, curtains, etc and just store it all until that time we can put it all together. It will be painted at that time as well. Right now the room is painted a light green colour and is our DD's upstairs playroom. We will change things around over the Christmas holidays.

Rebekah Garden x3 Due October 5 (boy); 33 kids; Fall River, Massachusetts 5223 posts
Jun 8th '13

With DS I waited until 24 weeks to start and slowly set everything up. I am almost 23 weeks now I will be starting to set up soon. I have been places on lift restriction with both since the beginning! I have issue a with bleeding while pregnant, so I get it set up early!

SIDS survivor 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Washington 439 posts
Jun 8th '13

I didn't set up the nursery for DD1 untill I was 7.5-8 months, but we moved when I was 7 months, so I couldn't do anything before then anyways. I'm 7 months now and haven't done anything really yet, but the room is still mostly set up from the frt time so there isn't tons to do.

user banned 2 kids; New York, New York 46 posts
Jul 9th '13

I waited to find out the gender so that I could pick a color scheme and everything. When I actually got started I tried to focus on getting the big things out of the way first. The first thing I did was pick a nursery set out on Bambi Baby that I liked, and then from there found a changing table and rocking chair that matched. After that it was all pretty much basic supplies and decorations so I got the rest of that as I had the energy after my shower.