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Jun 2nd '13


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Jun 2nd '13

We tried it. It didn't work for us. We tried for a month with absolutely no change or any sign of change, so we gave up. I kind of think we had let DS get in to too comfortable of a routine for so long, and he's so stubborn about his sleep (everything has to be absolutely perfect before he will go to sleep) that it just wasn't right for us. I have heard goods things about it from other people, so maybe you can have luck with it. I bought our copy off of amazon for like 30 cents, plus shipping.

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Jun 2nd '13
Quoting Lucas'Mama:" Who's used it? Did it work? I'm so sleep deprived I feel like I'm in a coma :? Any help would be great."

I also got a cheap copy off Amazon. We didn't use any particular solution but kinda used it for trouble shooting. In the end what worked for us was putting DS in his own room in his cot, and letting him sleep on his tummy. We also dialled back bedtime from 11 to 7. It took us a while (I brought bedtime back half an hour every few days). I know how you feel. DS was a horrible sleeper, lol. I got about 3 hours sleep in 24 for weeks. Good can only get better :)