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May 31st '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting bjay292:</b>" well im still here and I do give back rubs and foot rubs anythings she needs and I do support her I just want too know how she feels were I come at the problem different...."</blockquote>

I am so confused...

bjay292 Due July 5 (boy); 18 kids; Fort Worth, Texas 30 posts
May 31st '13

im 20 it was a type oh when she was typing

Baby #2 where are you :( TTC since Jun 2010; 1 child; Charlotte, North Carolina 4616 posts
May 31st '13

haha whatever makes up feel better dude....I seen the other post

the wolves will get you soon enough

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Jun 1st '13

I am very sorry I am kind of mean at this point I really cant help it and yes I no we been fighting a lot but this pregnancy has been hard on me and also my body plus I cant sleep anymore because my contraction have gotten worst but we made it to 35 weeks so its almost over but I love you and thanks for trying this website to get help on our pregnancy