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Jun 1st '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting InkDMomma:</b>" Yeah it was there choice. So I figured why not. I told them I started looking at bunk beds and stuff when they got up this morning and they were pretty pumped about it."</blockquote>

I told DH I wouldn't care if they wanted to rearrange and share rooms when they got older and DH got all spoil sport about it.. If they share its forever! Ill use that room for something else.. Blah blah blah no idea why he has to be like that :( we have a 5 bedroom house (that we just bought for our forever home) but the rooms are separated two on one side of the house, two on the other and then the master is alonf the front of the house so it works right now but later one of the kids will be separated which kinda sucks.

DS and DD1 are next to each other and then my moms room and the nursery are next to each other. I don't want DD2 to feel removed when she gets older but I don't think she should be forced into a forever decision