Pressure in pelvis? hiljoys Michigan 99 posts
May 31st '13

Hi ladies!

I am one year post partum now, and for the past (about) 2 weeks I've been having weird pressure in my pelvis/about 2 inches from my belly button on the left side mostly, and a bit of pain (sort of radiates from bladder area down, but it's mostly a discomfort, not awful pain). I thought it was maybe my period coming back, but nothing has started yet. About a month ago I had some brownish discharge, but not much.

It also feels like a lot of pressure pushing down in my (sorry, maybe tmi) vagina/ things are going to almost drop out. I know, it's weird. I've just never had this feeling before. I was figuring it was either my period starting or my weak muscles from having a baby? Just was curious if anyone else had this/what it was?